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Sandusky Chiropractic is a wellness facility located in Thornton, Colorado that offers Acupuncture, Body Composition Testing, and Chiropractic services.

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Sandusky Chiropractic, Colorado BodPod & Colorado Contour Light operate on an appointment basis, please refer to the calendar below for availability. Changes are updated regularly.

Please call 303-426-5600 for an appointment or more information. 

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Chiropractic Services

Denver, Thornton ChiropracticChiropractic is the specialty in our Healthcare system that focuses on your nervous system and the movement of the spine and joints of your body. The brain communicates vital information to the entire body through spinal nerves. If these nerves are impinged upon while traveling out of the spine you will have symptoms of dysfunction, which could result in pain.


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Measuring Your Body CompositionColorado BodPod

Body composition is one of the best indicators of health – reflecting both physical activity and dietary practices. Over time, people tend to gain fat and lose muscle without an obvious change in their weight. By accurately measuring body composition, one will immediately know the amount of fat vs. lean tissue that makes up their weight. Excess body fat has been found to increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Lean mass primarily consists of muscle, takes up less space in the body, and burns calories more efficiently. Knowing your body composition enables you to make sensible decisions regarding diet and exercise programs.

Why the Bod Pod?

The BodPod is considered to be the gold standard for measuring body composition. It uses air displacement to measure body fat and lean muscle mass, making it one of the most accurate methods to determine body composition.

How It Works

Testing your body composition is easy with the BodPod. First, the person is weighed. Then, he or she enters the BodPod and sits comfortably during a brief forty-second measurement period. The BodPod uses computerized pressure sensors to measure the amount of air displaced by the person’s body. The test is repeated to ensure accurate results. Your results will be printed immediately, showing your percentage of fat vs. lean tissue, fat weight vs. lean weight, and total weight.

A complete test can be done in less than 5 minutes. During your visit, you will be instructed on the correct use of the BodPod and a staff member will be available to answer any questions.


You will have the privacy of changing into appropriate clothing (undergarments) and will follow the BodPod computer prompts to begin testing when you are ready.


$50 for a single test

$75 for two tests (two people can share one appointment or prepay for your follow-up visit)

Please call 303-426-5600 to schedule your visit.

Transform Your Body with the BodPod

Our office has seen thousands of clients Transform their bodies when using the BodPod Body Composition Test as a tool in their plan. This experience has given us more knowledge to help our future clients reach their goals and avoid pitfalls.  Contact us at 303-426-5600 to schedule your BodPod appointment.

Groups that have used our Colorado BodPod

  • AdvoCare Distributors
  • Ammex Masonry
  • Arvada Fire Department
  • Cheyenne Fitwall
  • Denver Police Department
  • Donor Alliance
  • Federal Air Marshalls
  • Federal Heights Fire Department
  • Fitnescity
  • Heather Grace Rare Form Training/Team Gracey
  • Integrated Lab Technologies
  • International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitors
  • National Physique Committee Competitors
  • Northglenn Police Department
  • North Metro Fire Rescue Department
  • North/Western Electrical
  • Thornton Police Department
  • Velocity Fitness of Denver
  • Zoll Data Systems


Visit the Colorado BodPod Facebook page, created exclusively for communications, updates and promotions for Body Composition Testing at Sandusky Chiropractic.

HoodLight your way to wellness with the latest advancement in Red Light Therapy

Our office has the only pad-based device that the FDA has cleared for circumferential reduction/inch loss and pain management.

We did the research to bring you the best non-invasive, LED-based equipment

The Contour Light system delivers the highest amount of energy for optimal efficacy, with a reflective coating that assists in the retention of light within the tissue. Providing measurable results without surgery or pain, the Contour Light can help in attaining results for all types of individuals seeking to achieve a more sleek and slim profile.

Contour Light is a light emitting diode (LED) system specifically designed to contour the body by losing inches in circumference off specific body areas (waist, hips, thighs, arms, neck) without any pain, downtime, needles or surgery. Essentially all parts of the body where subcutaneous deposits of fat can be found may be treated with Contour Light, especially those resistant to diet and exercise.

Contour Light uses red light to improve signs of aging and scarring. The light penetrates the skin to help create and support collagen production, increasing blood circulation, reducing cellular inflammation, and minimizing skin discoloration.

Contour Light is a body shaping option available to clients who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. Anecdotal evidence suggests that clients have noticed an improvement in skin tone and texture, as well as an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

Contour Light does not destroy fat cells but empties them of their contents…which means that fat cells are capable of restoring fat should the client have a chronic caloric imbalance. A balanced diet is the only way to ensure long-term improvement. Dr. Sandusky has over 30 years of clinical experience to help clients reach their goals and avoid pitfalls.

As an additional benefit, the Contour Light System is also FDA cleared for the temporary relief of arthritic joint and muscle pain, including the temporary increase of local blood circulation. Overall, the Contour Light treatment provides a relaxing and comfortable experience for patients seeking an improvement in their health, well-being and appearance.


$75 for a Single Symptom Area or Facial Rejuvenation (15 minutes)

$125 for Body Contouring multiple areas of body (35 minute visit = 25 minutes of Contour Light + 10 minutes on Vibration Plate) includes Facial hood for face and neck

*Prices are reduced with packages…the more you buy the less you pay

Contact our office at 303-426-5600 to schedule your Contour Light appointment


Denver Acupuncture, Thornton AcupunctureThe body is intended to heal itself, when it cannot do this Acupuncture is often the answer to stimulate the body to work on a problematic area. Acupuncture is used to stimulate the body’s naturally occurring chemicals (neurotransmitters) that can aid in reducing inflammation and pain, as well as increase circulation to promote healing.

Please call 303-426-5600 to schedule a visit.

Group challenges are a great way to get others involved in helping each other. All results are confidential and reported as points of change, rather than specific weight.

Groups can include friends, family, co-workers, organizations or clubs, etc. Leave the recording to us, just get the word out and we will give you the compiled results.


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